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From Digital Music News:

I’m a US Senator. And This Is Why I Support Lower Internet Radio Royalty Rates…

“The internet is still the great equalizer, it’s exactly what I’d hoped it would be 15 years ago, and that’s why I believe that the future of music, the future of a music marketplace that promotes diversity of music choices and adequate compensation for artists, is best enabled by an open internet, and one that does not discriminate – does not discriminate – against the innovators.”

“That is a marketplace that does not exist today. Music is still dominated and controlled by a couple of multi-national corporations, who of course in effect act like a duopoly to maximize their profits, and not maximize the compensation of artists and not maximize musical choice.  My view is, the internet is capable of freeing artists from what really are these shackles almost of major record label middlemen, by enabling artists to broadcast themselves directly to the consumer.”

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