Lil Wayne Doesn’t Like New York. So?

About a month back there were reports about Lil Wayne stating in an interview that he does not like New York City.  Now I don’t know what it is, exactly, about New York that he does not like, and to be totally honest, I do not care. I know there is the whole argument about him making a fortune off of his music (which most people would probably categorize as hip hop), and so he should be showing a little more respect toward New York, which of course is the birthplace of hip hop. Regardless of all that, however, I must say that the man is entitled to his opinion. I’d feel differently if he’d said that his hometown is the birthplace of hip hop, but that would have been different, because then it would be either an incorrect statement (at best) or a flat out lie (at worst), as opposed to an opinion. As a side note (again, just to be honest 😉 ) I had to refer to Google to find out what is his hometown.

After learning that Wayne does not like New York, I was not offended but I was a bit baffled. I mean, how could you not like New York?? Aside from his tremendous popularity, the only other thing I really “knew” about Wayne until now is that he is originally from somewhere down south.  I figured I could gain some insight as to why he doesn’t like New York if I knew where he is from (that is why I looked him up on Google).  Now, I could understand if he were some country bumpkin farm boy, but as far as I can tell he’s a city slicker, urban rebel.  Whatever.  To each his (or her) own.